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Want to learn more about this issue? We have compiled articles, commentaries and interviews on crippling medical school debt, unmatched MDs, the alleged physician shortage America faces and other relevant information. Also included below are some of our opinion pieces that have run in newspapers across the country.

The U.S. Continues to Fail our Future Doctors
1 April 2022, Fremont Tribune
More than 40,000 foreign doctors have been given taxpayer-funded residencies in the last 10 years.

The U.S. Continues to Fail our Future Doctors
1 April 2022, The Greeneville Sun
For thousands of this year’s medical school graduates, March means the exciting culmination of eight years of higher education – undergraduate training and medical school – and the next step in the medical profession: residency training.

The U.S. Continues to Fail our Future Doctors
1 April 2022, The Columbus Telegram
For thousands of doctors, the month of March means rejection, doubt and questioning the way forward.

The U.S. Continues to Fail our Future Doctors
31 March 2022, Casper Star Tribune
More than 7,000 doctors who are U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents still don’t have residencies.

Why Well-Qualified Medical School Graduates Can’t Get Jobs – Despite Doctor Shortages
25 March 2022, Vox
The U.S. is fighting a modern pandemic with a 1990s-sized workforce.

NRMP Delivers a Strong Match to Thousands of Residency Applicants and Programs
18 March 2022, NRMP (press release)
The 2022 Main Residency Match included 39,205 total positions, the largest number on record. Of those, 36,277 were first-year (PGY-1) positions, also the largest on record and a 3.1 percentage point increase over last year.

Match Rates Climb, Positions Rise in 2022 Cycle
18 March 2022, MedPage Today
DO senior applicants see record-high match rate, on par with MD graduates.

Medical Students Take to Social Media
17 March 2022, MedPage Today
Some unmatched doctors credit the support of people on social media for helping them navigate a challenging time.

What’s in a Number? Breaking Down the Residency Match Rate
16 March 2022, The New England Journal of Medicine
Focusing on the high residency match rate for certain applicants may obscure data that could better capture the current state of the residency-selection process, set realistic expectations for applicants, and highlight areas for reform.

Betraying America: Foreigners Displace 7,000 U.S. Doctors Yearly with TAXPAYER-FUNDED Residencies
17 February 2022, The New American
Kevin Lynn of Doctors without Jobs testifies at the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship that the U.S. physician shortage is “of our own making.”

Do We Really Need Foreign Doctors to Solve the Physician Shortage?
16 February 2022,
There’s a doctor shortage and a problem with providing healthcare in rural areas, but importing doctors from abroad may not be the solution in a complex situation which includes several thousand U.S. doctors who haven’t been deployed in the workforce.

Are There Too Many Foreign-Born Docs in the U.S.?
16 February 2022, MedPage Today
Lawmakers are divided on the question at House hearing.

House Members Debate Role of Immigrant Physicians in Easing Health Care Shortages
16 February 2022, The Well
The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship discusses the role of immigrant physicians in the U.S. health care system.

Bombshell Testimony: 7,000 U.S. Doctors Sidelined Every Year by Foreigners Winning Taxpayer-Funded Residencies
15 February 2022, Breitbart
Every year, more than 7,000 American citizens and green card-holders lose out on United States taxpayer-funded residencies to foreign nationals despite having earned their degrees as medical graduate physicians.

Arizona Considers Welcome Mat for International Doctors
8 February 2022, Inside Sources
Arizona bill wants to import foreign doctors, skip medical residency requirements.

Canceling Student Loan Debt
2 February 2022, Rad Futures, Episode 5
Kevin Lynn, founder of Doctors without Jobs, talks with Rad Futures about student loan debt for medical school graduates and other issues facing unmatched doctors.

Healthcare Executives Import 1,000 Nurses a Month for American Jobs
25 January 2022, Breitbart
U.S. hospitals and staffing companies are extracting roughly 1,000 nurses each month from poor countries instead of recruiting and training Americans for the nursing jobs.

To Address Doctor Shortage, U.S. to Pay for 1,000 New Residencies
17 December 2021, Forbes
Under a rule implemented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 1,000 new Medicare-funded physician residency slots will be distributed to qualifying hospitals.

Give U.S. Citizens Preference for Medical Residencies
27 October 2021, Montgomery Advertiser
The U.S. is training foreign physicians at taxpayers’ expense as our physician shortage grows worse.

Unmatched Doctors Crisis Is Unabated, and Solutions Are Needed Now
12 June 2021, Noozhawk
The need for more residencies is very real, as is the need to prioritize U.S. citizen doctors.

AAMC Report Reinforces Mounting Physician Shortage
11 June 2021, AAMC
The United States could see an estimated shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians by 2034, including shortfalls in both primary and specialty care.

The Residency Match is Broken
3 April 2021, Science-Based Medicine
The program to align med school applicants with their preferred residency program is broken and filled with disincentives.

Remembering the Unmatched: A Look at the 2021 NRMP Residency Match
20 March 2021, MidlevelWTF
This year’s Match again leaves several thousand medical students, soon to be graduating as newly minted physicians, unmatched, left with nothing in the way of job prospects and no pathway toward becoming a board-eligible/board-certified attending physicians.

Senate Reintroduces Bill Addressing Residency Physician Shortage
19 March 2021, Hanys
This bipartisan legislation would supplement the investments in Graduate Medical Education made last year by further increasing the number of Medicare-supported residency slots in teaching hospitals by 14,000 over seven years.

Why This Year’s Match will be Strikingly Different
9 March 2021, AAMC
Much of the residency application process has been upended in 2020 and 2021.

Medical School Graduate Sees Nearly all of his $440,000 in Student Loans Discharged
25 February 2021, Yahoo!Finance
After not matching into a medical residency at a teaching hospital, Seth Koeut ended up working menial jobs for before filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Thousands of Physicians Can’t Get into Residency Programs: Four Things to Know
22 February 2021, Becker’s Hospital Review
As many as 10,000 physicians in the U.S. remain unmatched.

Why Thousands of Doctors in America Can’t Get a Job
19 February 2021, The New York Times
Medical schools are producing more graduates, but residency programs haven’t kept up, leaving thousands of young doctors “chronically unmatched” and deep in debt.

I Didn’t Match. It Didn’t Break Me
16 February 2021, Op-Med
First-hand account of not matching.

Ask Arizona Legislators to Support Unmatched Physicians with SB 1271
29 January 2021, Midlevel WTF
SB 1271 “allows qualified medical school graduates, who do not match with a residency program, the ability to collaborate with licensed physicians in providing needed patient care to underserved areas.”

Doctors without Jobs Asks the Association of American Medical Colleges Why it Isn’t Doing More to Ensure U.S. Doctors Can Work
29 January 2021, EIN Presswire
Press release for Doctors without Jobs video asking why the AAMC isn’t doing more to support our doctors.

Doctors without Jobs Come Together in Washington, D.C. to Spotlight AAMC Failure to Support Doctors for Residency Training
27 January 2021, EIN Presswire
Media advisory for doctor rally in front of Association of American Medical Colleges office to highlight systemic failure in residency matching process.

Ask AZ Legislators to Support SB 1271
21 January 2021, AAPS
The legislation, SB 1271, would help increase Arizonans’ access to primary care as well as provide options for the thousands of unmatched medical school graduates whose careers are put on hold through no fault of their own.

Young ER Doctors Risk their Lives on the Pandemic’s Front Lines. But They Struggle to Find Jobs
4 January 2021, The Washington Post
Many young emergency medicine physicians struggle to find full-time employment, even while they work on the front lines treating COVID-19 patients.

Congress Passes Historic GME Expansion
23 December 2020, AAMC
Legislation includes 1,000 new Medicare-supported GME positions.

Doctors Khalif and Mian Discuss Fixing Residency Programs
24 November 2020, Healthcare Americana
Wide-ranging discussion on the issue of unmatched MDs and possible solutions.

CMA Policy on Equity and Diversity in Medicine Encouraging for International Medical Graduates
1 October 2020, cmaj Blogs
Canada Report: Looks at a new policy and poses questions as to the impact on IMGs – many of whom are also Canadian – of being unmatched.

Medical School Enrollments Grow, but Residency Slots Haven’t Kept Pace
3 September 2020, AAMC
More medical students won’t alleviate the looming doctor shortage unless residency shortfalls are addressed.

Dr. Faarina Khan: Our Forgotten Future Doctors
24 August 2020, Healthcare Americana
Almost one quarter of medical school graduates cannot further their education and training because of limits on medical residencies.

Kevin Lynn – Seems There’s No Room for American Doctors
21 August 2020, Journal Courier
Scant attention is paid to the thousands of recent American graduates of medical schools who remain unlicensed, and thus unable to practice medicine.

Seems There’s No Room for American Doctors
21 August 2020, The Telegraph
Just this year, more than 4,200 U.S. taxpayer-funded medical residences have gone to doctors from other countries.

Kevin Lynn – Seems There’s No Room for American Doctors
21 August 2020, The Intelligencer
“That we would have a doctor shortage when we have thousands of newly minted doctors not working is certainly confusing.”

Kevin Lynn – No Jobs for American Doctors?
19 August 2020, The Crescent-News
“We cannot continue to invest taxpayer and other dollars in training doctors only to then push them aside.”

No Jobs for American Doctors
14 August 2020, The Pike County News Watchman
Scant attention is paid to the thousands of recent American graduates of medical schools who remain unlicensed, and thus unable to practice medicine.

Let’s Stop Importing Doctors while American MDs Go Jobless
5 August 2020, New York Post
More than 6,500 recent American medical graduates sit idle, while visas continue to be issued to foreign doctors each year.

Reformers: Fill Medical Shortage with Unmatched U.S. Doctors, Not 40,000 More Foreign Workers
29 July 2020, Breitbart
Doctors Without Jobs asks Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to allow American doctors, unmatched for residencies, to fill job shortages in the U.S. medical industry, rather than importing 40,000 foreign nurses and physicians.

Does the U.S. Have a Physician Shortage or a Physician Training Shortage?
22 July 2020, The Doctor Weighs In
The number of medical school graduates greatly exceeds the number of firstyear residency positions. There’s a serious physician training shortage in the U.S.

Unmatched U.S. Doctors Urge Trump to Prioritize Americans Over Foreigners for Medical Residencies
9 July 2020, Breitbart
Doctors Without Jobs says there are about 6,000 unmatched American doctors — qualified U.S. medical graduates who lost out on the limited residency spots and who cannot practice medicine until they land a residency.

New AAMC Report Confirms Growing Physician Shortage
26 June 2020, AAMC
The United States could see an estimated shortage of between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians, including shortfalls in both primary and specialty care, by 2033.

Many American Doctors Cannot Match into Residency
21 June 2020, The Korea Times
“I’m one of those doctors ready to help during this current pandemic, but can’t.”

As More Foreign Doctors Land Residencies, Americans Left Looking for Work
20 June 2020, Yuma Sun, Arizona
For years, the Association of American Medical Colleges has predicted the United States will face a large physician shortage, and the coronavirus pandemic may further exacerbate this shortage.

As More Foreign Doctors Land Residencies, Americans Left Looking for Work
18 June 2020, Cagle
Thousands of qualified U.S. doctors who are unable to practice medicine every year

‘I Have the Skills, I Have the Training.’ How Refugee Doctors Are Helping the U.S. Fight COVID-19 Even without a Medical License
9 June 2020, TIME
The application process for residency programs, notoriously difficult and competitive for American medical students, is even more challenging for foreign-trained doctors.

Residents, Fellows Face the Prospect of an Ugly Job Market
14 May 2020, MedPage Today
Around the country, unemployment has hit record highs, and medicine has not been immune to opportunities disappearing.

Democrats’ Coronavirus Bill Imports More Foreign Doctors, Nurses
13 May 2020, Breitbart
Coronavirus bill would sideline many U.S. healthcare professionals, according to Kevin Lynn, founder of Doctors without Jobs.

Foreign Doctors Could Help Fight Coronavirus. But U.S. Blocks Many.
12 May 2020, The New York Times
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on March 30 put out a call for health care professionals from across the country to come to New York and help in the pandemic, if there wasn’t a crisis in their community.

Nearly One in Five New Specialist Doctors Can’t Find a Job after Certification, Survey Shows
1 May 2019, The Globe & Mail, Canada
Nearly one in five newly certified specialists cannot find a full-time job in Canada, a situation that is leading some young doctors to decamp to the United States.

Senators Want 40,000 Visas Given to Doctors, Nurses
1 May 2020, Law 360
U.S. senators want to give visas to immigrant doctors, even while U.S. has many unmatched U.S. doctors.

U.S. Physicians Sidelined for International Doctors
28 April 2020, The News-Herald, Ohio
Writing for Doctors without Jobs, Joe Guzzardi debunks the push in the Senate and House to bring in more doctors from other countries during a pandemic.

U.S. Physicians Sidelined for International Doctors
27 April 2020, Casper Star Tribune, Wyoming
American doctors have a reasonable expectation of being able to practice medicine after earning a medical school degree and passing licensing exams.

GUZZARDI COLUMN: U.S. Physicians Sidelined for International Doctors
25 April 2020, Daily Citizen, Wisconsin
Congress, immigration advocacy groups and immigration lawyers are urging the Trump administration to increase the number of foreign-born doctors to alleviate the alleged medical responders’ shortage during the coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. Physicians Sidelines for International Doctors
24 April 2020, The Daily Courier, Arizona
U.S. doctors are ready to work even while elected officials ignore them and push to import doctors from other countries.

Residency Policy Punishes Good U.S. Doctors – And the Rest of Us
23 April 2020, Bill Lawrence Online
There are thousands of qualified U.S. doctors who are unable to practice each year, and the author of this commentary is one of them.

How do We End Unmatched MDs?
23 April 2020, NEJM Resident 360
Edward Dudley-Robey, MD, asks how we address the unmatched MD issue, including in the VA, and asks for input.

Congress Sidelines U.S. Physicians while Champion International Doctors
19 April 2020, Noozhawk, California
The existing medical matching system and the proposed congressional effort to increase the total number of foreign medical practitioners are unfair to American doctors ands unjust to the sending countries. During a pandemic, doctors are needed in their home countries.

Congress Keeps U.S. Doctors Sidelined while Championing International Doctors
17 April 2020, Burning Platform
Congress, immigration advocacy groups and immigration lawyers are urging the Trump administration to increase the number of foreign-born doctors to alleviate the alleged medical responders’ shortage during the coronavirus pandemic.

These Doctors Want to Join the U.S. Coronavirus – But Can’t
3 April 2020, Al Jazeera
“With the current need for physicians, there are thousands of qualified across the United States whose talents are currently being wasted when we need them the most,” said California doctor Edward Dudley-Robey.

Coronavirus: 1,200 Young Doctors Sidelined by Lack of Training Residencies
21 March 2020, Breitbart
Just as the coronavirus epidemic went nationwide, 1,200 young American doctors have been sidelined, denied medical residencies for 2020.

What If You Don’t Match? Three Things You Should Do.
16 March 2020, AMA
Stay in touch with your medical school and find a job in a clinical setting are among the recommendations.

The Relationship Between Doctor Shortages and Residency
7 February 2020, Dr. John Webb
At a time when many U.S. hospitals are experiencing physician shortages in record numbers, the lack of opportunities for physicians who cannot obtain residencies is nothing short of tragic.

Improving the Residency Application and Selection Process
23 January 2020, JAMA Network
With the high number of applications received, because doctors feel compelled to submit multiple applications to receive a residency, programs likely rely more on quantitative metrics, among other problems with The Match.

Global Demand for Medical Professionals Drives Indians Abroad Despite Acute Domestic Health-Care Worker Shortages
23 January 2020, Migration Policy Institute
India has been the world’s largest source for immigrant physicians since the country gained independence in 1947. Around 69,000 Indian-trained physicians worked in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia in 2017.

Ballooning Number of Medical Students Shut out of Hospital Residency Fuels Doctor Shortage
10 December 2019, Washington Times
About 10 percent of medical school graduates don’t get a medical residency each year.

Study Suggests Medicare Overpaying $1.28B Annually to Support Residency Programs
8 October 2019, Fierce Healthcare
Medicare is overpaying for graduate medical education (GME) – the money used to train residents – which could be used to address physician shortages.

Missouri Gets $5 Million to Address Growing Primary Care Doctor Shortage
5 September 2019, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
New residency program in Sedalia will start with two positions, but expectations are for more resident program funding at other rural hospitals.

Health Care Imperialism: Looting the World’s Doctors
19 August 2019, Dissident Voice
“Another disturbing trend is the growing number of American medical graduates that do not match into a residency position.”

Proposal Would Expand Physician Residencies, Senator Says
12 August 2019, Northwest Arkansas Council
The Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act would provide new opportunities for medical school graduates to complete residency training, something they must do before practicing medicine.

GME Funding and Its Role in Addressing the Physician Shortage
1 August 2019, AAMC News
Advocates for more residency positions an support of the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2019.

As Montserrat Medical School Sanctioned, Founder Launching Another in the Virgin Islands
16 July 2019, The BVI Beacon
There’s no guarantee that students graduating from the VI medical school will become licensed physicans in the United States.

Doctors without Jobs Says Recent Residency Match Leaves More U.S. Physicians Jobless
22 April 2019, Markets Insider
Each spring, students graduating from medical school look forward to the day they find out where they will be in residency, the next stage in their career as physicians. But nearly 2,000 doctors recently found out they won’t be working as doctors.

Healthcare Suffers When Medical School Graduates Don’t Match
17 April 2019, Insight Into Diversity
Those who do not secure a residency are saddled with significant student debt to repay without a guaranteed income, even as the shortage of physicians nationwide continues to increase.

Fixing Healthcare: The Return of the Apprenticeship
9 April 2019, Fairfax Mental Health
Restructuring the way physicians are trained by utilizing the large number of volunteer faculty available at medical schools could help improve healthcare access for the underserved.

International Medical Students Shed Stigma, Enjoy Record Year in Annual Physician Match
9 April 2019, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
More residency slots are being filled by international medical graduates.

Bipartisan Bill in WI Seeks to Boost Medical Training
11 March 2019, Wisconsin Public Radio
Representatives want to expand doctor residencies In Wisconsin.

WI Medical Residents May Get Boost from Proposed Legislation
1 March 2019, News 8000
Gundersen Health System in La Crosse hopes to draw more residents and address a growing physician shortage.

In Canada Doctors Face ‘Match Day’ with Few Available Spots
25 February 2019, The Toronto Star
For the last 10 years in Canada, the country has produced more medical students, but the number of residency spots haven’t increased.

Pasadena Kaiser Med School to Offer Free Tuition to All Students
19 February 2019, CBS Los Angeles
Classes expected to start in summer 2020. Students will do their clinical work at Kaiser hospitals and clinics throughout the region.

New Medical Residency Programs May Solve Doctor Shortage in AZ
17 January 2019, AZ Central
Abrazo Community Health Network creates 45 internal medicine and 15 general surgery residencies this year.

Residency Match: The 7 Most Competitive Medical Specialties
21 November 2018, AMA
Competitiveness may be a factor to consider when choosing a specialty, but other factors should be considered too.

$15 million AMA Initiative Targets Gaps in Residency Training
30 October 2018, AMA
Funding is targeted to addressing how to better transition students into residency.

10 Med Schools Where Students Leave with the Most Debt
21 August 2018, U.S. News & World Report
The average debt for 2016 graduates at these schools was more than $230,000.

Cleveland Lerner College of Medicine Offers Free Tuition Since 2008
20 August 2018, Cleveland Clinic Newsroom
Supporting opinion piece for NYU’s School of Medicine decision to provide tuition-free medical education to all its medical students.

I’m a Doctor and Even I Can’t Afford My Student Loans
20 August 2018, The New York Times
Emergency medicine doctor says when the highest earners struggle with education costs, the country needs to get serious about the problem.

We’re Becoming a Nation without Doctors
20 August 2018, Dame
Article looks at what will happen with women’s health care in the face of a primary care physician shortage.

NYU Makes Tuition Free for All Medical Students
16 August 2018, The Wall Street Journal
New York University now will cover tuition for all its medical students regardless of their financial situation.

New Med School in Southern California Aims to Tackle Doctor Shortages
27 July 2018, U.S. News & World Report
Since the early 2000s, many new medical schools have opened nationwide.

How Doctor Shortages Impact Med School Admissions
23 July 2018, U.S. News & World Report
Focusing on a medical field where doctors are scarce can enhance an applicant’s candidacy.

Get Ready for Residency: 2019 Match Timeline
18 July 2018, The DO
Key dates for NRMP and AOA matches.

Why Doctors and Lawyers Are no Longer he Richest People you Know
30 May 2018, Business Insider
Total student-loan debt to the federal government now totals more than $1.3 trillion.

Is Every Medical School Graduate Entitled to Become a Doctor?
1 May 2018, The Globe & Mail
A look at Canada and medical graduates who don’t match to jobs.

Doctor Shortage May Reach 120,000 by 2030
12 April 2018, Inside Higher Ed
The Association of American Medical Colleges is urging medical schools to train more physicians.

Average Medical School Debt in 2017
4 April 2018, Student Debt Relief
More than 86 percent of graduates in the medical field carry educational debt, and the average medical school debt was $190,000 in 2016.

MYTH: There’s a Physician Shortage in the U.S.
12 March 2018, The Keckley Report
An increased supply of alternatives to traditional physician services may mitigate a doctor shortage.

Charting Student Loan Repayment
14 February 2018, Urban Institute
To help make student loan repayment affordable, the U.S. Department of Education offers repayment plans tied to borrower income.

The Ultimate Medical School Debt Repayment Guide for New Doctors
21 January 2018, Student Loan Hero
Options and loan forgiveness programs.

Med School Doesn’t Have to Lead to Crushing Debt
13 January 2018, The Washington Post
The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences offers tuition-free education in exchange for national service.

Missouri Law Allows Doctors to Practice without Residency
18 December 2017, Channel 41, KSHB, Kansas City
Missouri becomes first state to pass a law creating a new medical category of assistant physician.

Why America Needs Foreign Medical Graduates
6 October 2017, The New York Times
Indiana University School of Medicine professor of pediatrics argues for importing physicians trained outside the U.S.

Lack of Residency Slots In Florida Leaves Some Doctors Without Licenses
3 August 2017, WGCU
Florida falls short on residency positions.

Are Physicians today Doctors of Debt?
19 July 2017, Indiana University School of Medicine
Given the high debt load medical school students take on, it’s no surprise that there’s keen interest in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF).

Tragic Case of Robert Chu Shows Plight of Canadian Medical School Grads
17 June 2017, The Star
Passed over twice for a residency, medical graduate enrolled in MBA program takes his life.

Why are American Doctors Being Shut out of America?
29 May 2017, Newsweek
U.S. medical schools are graduating more doctors, but the number of residency slots isn’t increasing proportionally.

New Report Predicts ‘Troubling’ Shortage of Doctors in the U.S.
20 March 2017, CBS News
The Association of American Medical Colleges says physician shortage in the U.S. will worsen.

Why Doesn’t the U.S. Train More Doctors?
14 March 2017, CNN
A look at various issues, but misrepresents the number of medical school graduates to residency positions by not looking at the total number applying for residencies.

What if You Don’t Match? 3 Things You Should Do
9 March 2017, AMA Wire
Advice from a family medicine physician at the Venice Family Clinic.

Understanding your Odds of Getting into a Residency
8 March 2017, MD Magazine
Explains the residency matching program.

Diagnosing Africa’s Medical Brain Drain
December 2016-March 2017, Africa Renewal
Higher wages and modern facilities are magnets for Africa’s health workers.

Options for Physicians who Don’t Get Accepted to Residency Programs
7 December 2016, MD Magazine
When doctors cannot become residency trained, job options are severely limited, the article notes, but the writer seems to place blame on the student rather than external causes.

A Doctor Shortage? Let’s Take a Closer Look
7 November 2016, The New York Times
The Institute of Medicine argued in a 2014 there was no doctor shortage, but an inefficient system.

Unmatched Graduate: ‘Med Schools to Blame
17 October 2016, Physician’s Weekly
Personal story of a 38-year-old U.S. medical graduate who attempted to match three times with no success

I’m a Doctor. I’m on Medicaid. I Work as a Waitress
11 August 2016, Pamela Wible, MD
Personal story of a doctor who did not obtain a residency.

Yes! You Can Open Your Dream Clinic – Without Completing Residency
4 June 2016,
Alternate career path post-medical school – a personal story.

Looming Question for Medical Students: Will They be Shut out of Advanced Training?
17 March 2016, Stat News
Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas have passed laws to allow unmatched graduates to work in medically underserved areas without completing a residency.

Why Medical Students Aren’t Matching – and What Happens Next?
7 June 2015, AMA Wire
Top seven reasons why graduates didn’t match, according to Association of American Medical Colleges, and how one school responded.

U.S. Lawmakers Move Bill to Bring in More Doctors from India
25 April 2015, Times of India
U.S. legislation aims to speed up importing doctors from India and Pakistan, despite a shortage of doctors in those countries for their citizens.

Practicing After One Year of GME. Is it Feasible? Should it Be?
5 February 2014, The DO
According to the Federation of State Medical Boards, the answer is yes in 37 states for DOs and 33 states for MDs who graduated from U.S. medical schools.

Medical Students May Find Themselves Without a Job
12 October 2013,
Even with new medical schools and increasing class sizes in existing schools, the number of practicing physicians is limited by funding for Graduate Medical Education (GME) or residencies.

$1 Million Mistake: Becoming a Doctor
10 September 2013, MoneyWatch
Survey finds most doctors are dissatisfied. Given the opportunity for a do-over, they would not choose a career in medicine.

Medical Students Head to Eastern Europe
11 August 2013, The New York Times
Increasing numbers of foreign students are heading to Eastern Europe for medical, dental or pharmaceutical studies.

I Went $230,000 into Debt to Become a Doctor in America
27 March 2013, Quartz
Midwestern boy with modest roots becomes a physician, and a debt serf.

Foreign-Trained Doctors Kept out of Practice in U.S.
14 April 2011, PRI
Foreign-trained doctor says U.S. residency system is unfair and biased, saying “If you have the same knowledge as a graduate from the United States, I don’t see any difference.”

Luring Doctors and Nurses ‘A Crime’
22 Feb. 2008, New York Times
Rich countries are poaching so many African health workers that the practice should be viewed as a crime, a team of international disease experts say in the British medical journal The Lancet.

Jung v. Association of American Medical Colleges: the lawsuit challenging our system of graduate medical education
1 Jan. 2004, Journal of the American College of Radiology
An examination of the antitrust case in which three physicians challenged the Match Program and various other aspects of the U.S. system of graduate medical education.