Doctors without Jobs Asks the Association of American Medical Colleges Why it Isn’t Doing More to Ensure U.S. Doctors Can Practice Medicine


Continuing High Unemployment Should Keep us Focused on Jobs for Americans, Including our Doctors

29 January 2021 (WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, Doctors without Jobs, a group which works to encourage the adoption of policies that prioritize U.S. doctors for medical residencies, announced the release of a broadcast spot asking why the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) isn’t doing more to ensure U.S. doctors can practice medicine.

“Denied medical residencies – the final step in doctors’ long journey to being able to hang out a physician’s shingle – the talented individuals who spent years studying medicine have been sidelined for years,” said Kevin Lynn, founder of Doctors without Jobs. “They’ve often suffered in silence as their plight has been ignored by the very organizations and power structure that should be working to ensure U.S. medical graduates can provide care in our communities.

“But unmatched doctors are silent no more. Through Doctors without Jobs, Unmatched and Unemployed Doctors of America (UAUDOA) and other groups, doctors are now publicly asking why they are being denied medical residencies at teaching hospitals and having their careers stopped after eight years of study and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans.”

The spot targeting the Association of American Medical Colleges notes that the group purportedly represents American medical college graduates and then asks, “So why are they promoting a policy that allows foreign medical students to take residencies from American students?”

While more than 10,000 American medical school graduates (doctors) can’t get U.S. residencies – so can’t practice medicine – more than 4,000 residencies each year are given to foreign doctors instead of Americans, it’s noted. At the same time, the AAMC is saying we need more foreign doctors for the health of our nation.

When the U.S. has so many American doctors who can’t find residencies, which are funded by American taxpayers, the spot questions the wisdom of this.

The spot ends with a call for the AAMC to change their policy of putting foreign medical students ahead of Americans.

To reinforce the urgency of putting thousands of doctors to work, unmatched physicians and supporters will hold a rally today in front of the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington, D.C.

The spot was produced for Doctors without Jobs by Davis Advertising, Washington, D.C.